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Dart frogs require anywhere usually from 70% – 100% humidity, with regular misting via a handheld spray bottle or a misting system such as a Mistking on a timer. It is essential to keep the enclosure the correct humidity depending on your species of dart frog.

It may always be worth keeping a water source in the enclosure just not too deep as dart frogs can drown but if required the frog can go and sit in this water and absorb it through it’s skin if it’s getting too dry.

On occasion it’s worth giving the dart frogs a dry season by reducing the misting as often. This can help dry out the enclosure and as in the wild dart frogs would have drier spells too. This can also actually promote breeding after the dry season too.

I personally do a drier season for a couple of weeks with reduced feeding which means the females store more nutrients from the food they do get and when you reintroduce heavier misting the frogs seem to start calling, laying eggs more and healthier offspring too.

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