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Dashboard – Setting up Telegram Notifications

Step One – Telegram Channel & Bot Setup

Open Telegram, click the pencil bottom right then “New Channel”, Name your channel what ever you’d like i.e “Viv Monitor”.

This is How You Can Build Your own Powerful Communications Channel on  Telegram

Click on the heading:

then “Subscribers” —> “Add Subscribers” —> In the search for people… section at the top search for: @myvivbot

Click “Make Admin” then accept at the top right.

Now we need the Channel ID (need for later), to do this we type a message in the channel we have created. I have sent “Test

Click the forward button and search: @mychatinfobot

click the image and press send.

You should receive a message from the bot in another chat with the Channel ID (Need for later) where you can copy the ID. The “-” is included.

Now we have our own channel for our notifications and the bot is ready in the channel so we now have to configure the channel in the dashboard.

Step Two – Dashboard Setup

Once you have access to your account open the app, navigate through

BOT API TOKEN: 1890902994:AAGqslR_2EDRZIbzhsm3biMedf8OMWKLmlA

Channel ID: The Channel ID you created earlier including the –

Make sure the Default is selected to make all alerts use this for notifications.

Now all you need to do is setup Alerts. Click Here to see how to setup custom alerts.

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