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Connecting Gateway to WIFI

Gateway Setup

Step One


Plug your Micro USB cable into the PWR IN port on the Gateway.

Allow the device time to start up (2-3 mins approx).

Step Two


On your home router press the WPS Wireless button, depending on the make of your router something may flash up on the router with a symbol.

Usually the WPS will stop flashing on the router when a device has connected to it (may not always be the case)

Step Three


To check the Gateway has connected to your internet successfully download the “FING” app.

Once downloaded make sure your phone is also connected to your wifi network and press the “SCAN FOR DEVICES” button. You may need to enable location services for this to work.

You should see a Raspberry PI (assuming you don’t have one in the house already) on the list. Just under the name you should see an IP address which your router has assigned, this will confirm the device has successfully connected to your router.

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